Stephen Russell – “The Barefoot Doctor”

“It is not often you get a chance to meet one of the dons of the trade. Michael Puro, whom I first had the good fortune to meet back in the mid seventies in my R D Laing era, has been helping people with his revolutionary approach to sanity, health and good looks via Somatic Training.
In fact it’s a total trip for mind, body and spirit and I strongly recommend giving it a go, if only to spend some time with a true master – this said without hyperbole.”

— Stephen Russell


Michael Schwab – Doctor of Public Health

“Michael Puro Jacobs is a master. His Somatic bodywork is a great education, subtle and effective; you come to meet and know your own body in a new way. His knowledge of human nature is deep and rich, he’s skillful and cheerful. I’ve known him for many years, and I’ve seen him help many people. I am delighted to recommend him.”

— Michael Schwab


Dancer – Rolfer – Psychologist

“My past includes (1) dancing in a modern dance company; (2) employed as a Rolfer; (3) presently employed as a psychologist; (4) presently I am a distance runner. I have a professional as well as personal knowledge of the body. … I have not experienced any other body work to be as efficient and long lasting as this work with Michael. I believe the reason for this is that not only does he do the treatment but at the same time he is teaching one how to work with oneself. This allows for the individual to continue the work on their own rather than be dependent on the practitioner. … Not only is this work appropriate for general well-being, it is also beneficial for injuries, both chronic and acute.”

— Josie Gibb, Ph.D


A client with back pain

“I have three ruptured discs from an auto accident I had in the sixties. My back has given me problems, chronically for years. … In one of my major spasms (very painful and debilitating), I went to see Michael. After just two or three sessions, my back improved greatly. And, we continued the work so I could learn how to avoid spasms and release them myself.”

— Sally Yost


A young woman recovering from a stroke

“… You agreed to work with me and in the fifteen months I’ve noticed a remarkable change in the way I carry my body and how I’m able to relax the tone. . . I’ve learned techniques to relax and strengthen. . . With the exercises I’ve been doing, I feel my body operates smoothly and I have more control. . .I’m truly thankful for the results you have helped me to achieve.”

— Arlene Valdez