four paw motion™ – canine somatics

Supporting canine well being

The first ingredient: loving, empathetic touch

Several years ago I was asked if I could help Pecos, who, in his old age, had become weak in his hind legs. The result was profound and encouraged me to work with dogs whenever the opportunity arose, hence the creation of Four Paw Motion™.

Incorporated in Hanna Somatics are passive maneuvers that have roots in the Alexander and Feldekrais methods – these I have found to be beneficial when working with animals.

Gently stimulating the neuromuscular system can have a dynamic effect. Muscular skeletal movement stimulates blood flow and enhances kinesthetic sensing, and is rejuvenating and helpful in cases of old age and debilitation due to post surgery.

This work is gentle yet dynamic!

Testimonials for Four Paw Motion


"Due to your treatments, Guido is improving. On Friday he lifted his leg to pee for the first time in almost a year. The chronic inflammation in his spine and hips has substantially decreased. It is truly amazing. The whole neighborhood notices how much better he is."

– Esha Kaplan, Boulder, CO


“Michael told me that he loved doing his somatic work with animals. Bear is about 16 and developing arthritis in limbs and spine. He immediately welcomed Michael and surrendered to his touch. This whole treatment was so beautiful to witness and the energy Bear had afterward showed clearly his pain was significantly less. Michael’s presence and intuitive touch welcomes healing in both humans and animals.”

– Alexanna Hope, RN


“When my 12-year-old Great Dane mix, Pecos, showed signs of degenerative muscular disease, I was heartbroken and feeling helpless about her increasing distress and disability. In Michael’s skilled hands, she experienced dramatic improvement in mobility. Michael was able to break through her “numbness” barrier, and essentially “wake up” her whole system. After each session, Pecos was visibly more alert with renewed vigor and a rejuvenated spirit. She was able to jump into the back of my station wagon, something she hadn’t done for months. I am grateful to Michael for the quality of life he extended to my dog.

My little beagle, Panda, not trusting by nature, relaxed with Michael’s gentle and tender touch of his spine and shoulders, directly resulting in Panda’s being able to walk much better. Panda’s energy was calmer and his spirit more alive.

Michael’s connection with my animals was immediate and profound. He has a gift; he is knowledgeable about the body, and a natural healer. Michael loves all creatures, and we, my dogs and I, are immensely grateful for the quality of life he brought them.”

– Nancy Dahl, Santa Fe, New Mexico