The Muscle Tension – Sensory Motor Amnesia Connect

Sensory Motor Amnesia – How Does it Occur?
Over time with habituation!
A loss of integration within the feed back loop of brain-nerve-muscles.

Some Examples

Stress: Involuntary Muscle Tension
Often experienced in the neck and shoulders. So many of us catch ourselves with shoulders elevated. We bring them down and moments later, there they are again up by our ears. The abdominal and chest region are affected by stress resulting in shallow breathing which adds more tension.

Guarding Reaction to pain, fixation due to injury-trauma, post surgery, muscles reflexively tighten to immobilize and protect the traumatized area.

The Less Obvious – The neck tension / ankle connection.

An ankle injury can develop into neck pain. Taking weight away from a left sided injury, one leans to the right. An automatic counter movement occurs. The muscles on the left side of the neck automatically activate to keep ones head straight to maintain equilibrium.

Mouse ache

Repetitive Motion strain, fixation – for example, computer key board use.

A typical case history at age 35:

  • age 22 – Neck-Shoulder, tension ache
  • age 27 – Arm fatigue
  • age 32 – wrist pain, inflamed and chronic

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is pressure of the nerves and tendons as they pass through the wrist canal.  

The combination of the above opposing reflexes tend to center at the middle of the body, yet they affect the entire musculature and the central nervous system. Ideally, when one set of muscles activate, the opposite let go. But overtime, one or both reflex patterns habituate and become fixed in the neuro – muscular system.

These muscle groups affect the oblique waist muscles. Much attention is given to the abdominal – back – waist muscles. This group of muscles, back – front – side, lose their interactive balance, acting like over-tight or loose thongs. In some, the imprint becomes so strongly habituated, creating the bodily posture and restricted movement noticed in many seniors.

Somatic Retraction – “Luv Handles”
“Oh look Ted! I’m shorter than I used to be.”
“Well, Martha dear, you are getting older!”

The answer that Ted gave to Martha is the believed myth that shrinking goes with aging just as senile posture is accepted as the norm.